Breast imaging services in Englewood, Florida

Annual screenings are vital to maintain your breast health. At Englewood Community Hospital, our mammographers perform a range of screening and diagnostic examinations to help prevent and detect breast cancer. Screening and imaging are performed in a private, comfortable environment specifically designed to serve women in Sarasota County.

To learn more about our breast screening services, please call us at (866) 463-7072.

Mammography and breast imaging

In addition to the full range of imaging services we provide to the community, women in Englewood also have easy access to the following types of breast imaging procedures when they choose our hospital.

  • Digital screening mammogram—This type of mammogram is the primary type of mammogram performed for patients exhibiting no signs or symptoms of breast cancer. This tool is used for annual screening and early detection.
  • Diagnostic mammogram—This type of mammogram is performed when a suspicious area is found on a screening mammogram or if an irregularity is felt by a patient or physician in the breast. This mammogram is more detailed than a screening mammogram and may also be needed in special circumstances, such as patients with breast implants.
  • Breast ultrasound—This test is used to visualize breast abnormalities using high-frequency sound waves.

Diagnostic testing for breast irregularities

There are a range of procedures available to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of breast abnormalities. The following diagnostic tests are available at our hospital:

  • Breast biopsy—This procedure allows for the removal of a small sample of breast tissue for further analysis and laboratory testing.
  • Breast needle localization—This procedure is used to identify the precise location of abnormal breast tissue prior to a biopsy.
  • Ultrasound-guided breast needle localization—This procedure is performed prior to breast surgery and allows your surgeon to pinpoint the abnormal area in the breast.

If breast cancer is diagnosed, our surgeons perform mastectomies to remove part of or the entire breast.