Angiography & Vascular Lab

Staying on the leading edge of technology is more than just a point of pride at Englewood Community Hospital (ECH); it’s central to their mission of providing superior health care. In keeping with this commitment, the Hospital is constantly upgrading and expanding its facilities to meet the changing needs of our growing community.

ECH recently acquired the GE Advantix LCA Vascular Laboratory, an exciting new tool that is changing treatment for many vascular patients. Earlier this year, the Hospital’s Radiology Department installed the system as part of its $1.2 million Angiography Suite renovation. The Advantix system is designed to diagnose and treat diseased blood vessels more quickly and safely than ever before.

The new system offers state of the art imaging, producing the highest quality images obtainable. It also facilitates procedures such as peripheral vascular angioplasty and vascular stenting, to correct blood-flow abnormalities.

Unlike less-sophisticated imaging systems, the Advantix offers increased convenience through several high-tech features including:

  • Bolus chasing - automatically follows injected contrast solution throughout the body while continuously taking images
  • Spin angio - shows blood vessels from various angles with a single run of contrast
  • Live subtraction - eliminates bone and other densities from a vessel image in "real time", rather than after-the-fact, via computer reconstruction

The Advantix is just the latest addition to the Englewood Community Hospital Radiology Department, which performs more than 45,000 exams and procedures each year. It joins an arsenal of advanced radiology equipment, which includes an Open MRI and high-speed CT Scanner.