Preparing for a hurricane or severe storm event

  • Keep informed
    1. Listen to local weather television and/or radio
    2. Receive updates via our message hotline (941) 473-5873
    3. Group text messaging via department directors as long as cell service is available
      • Note: please keep phones charged and available
    4. Visit our website for additional hurricane/emergency updates and resources (
    5. If you are considering using a landline phone, be sure that it is not a cordless phone that requires an additional power source.
  • Have a weather radio to receive localized weather alerts from NOAA
  • Monitor the storm’s forecast track
    • StormGeo Weather App (app can be downloaded from Apple iTunes app store or Android Google Play apps)
      • Login: hcaweather
      • Password: storm17
    • Stay alert to receiving communications from your employer but you should be your own captain. Leaders should be talking about storm readiness within each department but you should always keep abreast of storm activities to protect your family and loved ones.
    • Monitor local weather television and radio stations
  • Have your disaster supplies and “Ready Bags” prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. Severe weather can be unpredictable.
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Check your own yards for debris such as lawn chairs, light weight tables, garden tools, trash cans and items that may become airborne
  • Protect windows and glass (plywood or storm shutters); Lock garage doors in place: deactivate electric garage door openers to avoid burning up motors or starting a potential fire hazard
  • Know your flood zone. Protect items that may be prone to flooding. Computers, other electronics, etc. Unplug any unnecessary appliances.
  • Secure your boat, camper, RV, other trailers
  • If you have Special Needs you must register with the PSN Shelters in advance


  • Please take a moment to log in to HR Answers (you can access HR Answers via the icon on the ECH intranet) and update your name/address/personal information.  This information feeds to our reports and will allow us to reach you during an emergency situation.

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